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CriminalxMinds @ LJ

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Criminal Minds
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criminalxminds is a community for all things CRIMINAL MINDS, a CBS drama that follows a team of profilers from the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit. News, discussions, artwork, speculation, fic...Just about anything and everything pertaining to the show is allowed here.

  1. Be courteous to one another. Keep unrelated comments (aka comments that have nothing to do with the original post) to PMs if they are polite. If impolite, keep them to yourself. No flame wars. We will ban users from this community if they can't handle themselves with a bit of decorum.
  2. Remember, this is a CRIMINAL MINDS community. All posts should be related to the show in some manner or they will be deleted without notice. This is a courtesy to the community.
  3. Spoilers must be clearly marked as such in addition to being placed under a cut. (To learn how to create a LJ-cut, please see FAQ #75.)
  4. Large pictures (anything larger than 300px in height and length), more than three icons, fanfic, and any other "large" posts should go behind a LJ-cut. And please do not format your posts with large fonts and bright colors.
  5. Fics posted (or linked) should contain the title, author, rating and a short summary before the LJ-cut.
  6. A discussion post for new episodes will be posted on the first day they air in the States. Please be aware that spoilers will be contained in this post, and please keep all discussion on the new episode in that entry for two days.
  7. Do not advertise a personal journal or another community here unless prior permission is given by one of the moderators. Ask here.
  8. Do NOT disable or screen comments on posts. Any post not abiding by this rule is subject to deletion without warning. If your post does not contradict any other rule, feel free to repost with comments enabled.
  9. Please use common sense when posting. We understand that not everyone is a native English speaker, but make sure your entries are legible in language and content. Be mindful of adult language. Excessive vulgarity is offensive.
  10. Posts that contain 'sorry if this is not allowed' (or any variation thereof) are a sign that these rules have not been read and grounds for immediate deletion. If you have read the rules and still have any doubt, feel free to PM a mod before posting.
Help us get to know you better! Please include this introduction in your first post. Simply cut-and-paste this in your entry:


This community is owned and moderated by a_blackpanther, sailwithoutwind and dysfunkshunell1. Any comments, concerns, questions or suggestions should be directed to either one of us via email.


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