April 30th, 2011


Open Letter to CBS

Dear Criminal Minds fans,

With the mods' permission, I would like the bring to your attention the open letter posted on criminalmindsfanatic.blogspot.com regarding the fans' concern about the still unrenewed contracts of Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore. It's a brief and concise letter addressed to CBS with the intention of voicing the fans' anxiety about the way CBS has treated the CM actresses this year and about the uncertainty regarding Messrs. Gibson and Moore's contracts. It's currently open for comments.

It's a nice way to put in our two cents, so if you're interested, click on the link above, read the letter, and sign it with a comment. Let's hope it works to keep the actors on the show.

(P.S. Have I really actually found a tag named 'wtfcbs?' LOL! This alone should be an indicator of how wrong things have been going this year.)
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You Can't Always Get What You Want

Title: Chapter One: Someone To Call My Lover
Author: Sugakane_01
Pairing: Morgan/Reid/OMC
Genre: Slash
Rating: FRAO

Spoilers: Broken Mirror (1.05), Exit Wounds (5. 21) and The Internet Is Forever (5.22)

Warnings: Sex, Language, mentions of violence, possible slight OOC'ness

Spencer wanted Derek for years but gave up hope that they'd ever be anything more than just friends. When a hurtful comment spurs the young genius to make some changes, Derek sees his friend in a whole new light, but with someone else making a play for Spencer is Derek's epiphany too little too late?

Disclaimer: I do not own Criminal Minds or any other recognizable character contained in this fic.

Chapter One: Someone To Call My Lover

Fic: E.P. - Chapter Two

Title: E.P.

Author: Sara Nublas

Character: Emily Prentiss main, all team involved

Rating: FRM

Summary: Collapse )

Warning: SPOILERS to Lauren (6x18), this story is the third part of my post-Lauren series which is organized as follows 1-Asteriscus hierochunticus, 2-What’s left of me, 3- E.P. The stories are posted on my profile and on my website

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters of the show ‘ Criminal Minds’, I’m just borrowing them. No infringement intended.

A/N: -thanks to miaa29 for poking my curiosity and setting my muse on this path

-No beta even for this story, but I always happy to read your comments

-I’m not an expert in criminology or psychology, so I profusely apologize if the profiling part in the following chapters is a mess. I tried to do my best to make it believable, so please, bear with me. Nonetheless I’m absolutely interested in any comment and suggestion you can provide :)




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