April 17th, 2011


FIC: The Problem With Paper Work

TITLE: Don't Shoot The Messenger
BY: Daisyangel
PAIRING: Prentiss/Hotch
SUMMARY: Written for a prompt over at rounds of kink. Kink: sex interrupted/sexual frustration. Prompt: "You have got to be kidding me!" Hotch and Emily have a little fun, but they get interrupted much to their dismay.

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Has just been added to Criminal Minds and is listed on the new stories page and the Hotch/Prentiss page.

Teen Spirit (5/?)

Title: Teen Spirit (5/?)
Author: lovechilde
Rating, warnings: PG-13 for language and subject matter, Gen, teen angst and violence
Characters: Whole team, set around late season 5.
Summary: It was supposed to be a normal, if gory case. Now Rossi's the only member of the BAU's team old enough to drive, and the team races against time to solve the case and restore their old(er) selves.
Author's note: The team continues to work the case, Reid has a theory, and they play some ball. Not necessarily in that order.

Chapter 5 on FF.net

Graphics Post -- Icons, Wallpapers, Picspams, Header, Banners, GIFs

I've made a round-up post of all my recent (and some not-so-recent) Criminal Minds graphics. The post includes 70 icons, 3 wallpapers, several picspams and a few other things.


Criminal Minds Round-Up post @ my graphics comm theiconicplague

Also, we have a new challenge over at crimeland (and we could always use more members *g*), so please take a second here to show your support for Team Garcia here.

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