April 14th, 2011

cm - save AJ and Paget!

Criminal Minds Chaos: Cook returns, Bernaro leaves, and Brewster, Gibson, and Moore’s Fates Still In

The casting news in Criminal Minds Land has been crazy since last summer. First we learned AJ Cook would not be coming back to the show except for the first two episodes. Then we were told Paget Brewster would have a reduced role, and it would be her last season. Then Rachel Nichols was reportedly hired on for a three episode arc, but added later as a full time cast member. Then we heard that CBS was offering Paget her full contract back, but she was going to keep her options open… It’s getting dizzying!

I thought maybe that was the end of it. There couldn’t possibly be more casting drama within the course of a year, right? Wrong. Apparently not only did CBS see the error of their ways in letting Brewster go, they have now realized that letting Cook go was a bad idea too. You would think the fan uproar last summer would have cued them in to this, but apparently they had to be stubborn.