April 12th, 2011

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Wicked Games: Chapter 1 I'm A Flirt

Title: I'm A Flirt
Author: Sugakane_01
Pairing: Reid/Morgan
Genre: Slash
Rating: FRAO
Spoiler; Up to the current season (Season 6, Epi 21)
Warning: Sex, Language, Violence

Summary: How Reid and Morgan became Spencer and Derek.....

Chapter 1: I'm A Flirt

Previous Chapter found here:  Wicked Games: Prologue

Fic: What's left of me - Chapter 3

itle: What's left of me
Author: Sara Nublas
Character: Emily Prentiss main, all team involved
Summary: This is the sequel of my previous fiction 'Asteriscus hierochunticus', hence it takes place after the episode 6x18, the summary follows: Collapse )
Warning: SPOILER to Lauren 6x18, it's not necessary to read 'Asteriscus hierochunticus' to understand it, it just makes more sense...
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of the show Criminal Minds, I'm just borrowing them. No infringement intended

A/N: previous chapters on my profile.

A huge thank you to rabirhek  for the suggestions and the kind support.

Collapse )

CM Amazing Race ficathon


It's just like what it sounds...The Amazing Race, with a Criminal Minds fic twist!  This is just kind of an experiment right now, to see if it works, and if people seem to enjoy it, we'll run it for the foreseeable future.

Sign ups start now and they will close on Friday at midnight, MST - on the sign up thread at cm_amazingrace.  You comment with your name, email, and the pairing you would like to write.  Any pairing at all is allowed, any CM character past or present - team, cop of the week, unsub - or RPF pairings; it does not have to be romantic, it can be friends, enemies, familial...whether you think they would work well together or not  However, each pairing may only be claimed once - once the pairing has been claimed once, no one else can have it.

Every month, a new country will be posted and each author will be randomly assigned a variety of challenges, competitions, roadblocks, etc.  You then have a month to write how your pair navigates said obstacles.  There is no word limit and the order in which you post has no effect.  The public will then have a chance to vote for what they think it the best/most entertaining/most realisitic/whatever fic and the fic with the most votes will be rewarded and the one with the least votes will be eliminated from the race until one winner remains.  The winner will recieve eternal bragging rights and a banner announcing their victory.