April 4th, 2011


Teen Spirit (3/?)

Title: Teen Spirit (3/?)
Author: lovechilde
Rating, warnings: PG-13 for language and subject matter, Gen, teen angst and violence
Characters: Whole team, set around late season 5.
Summary: It was supposed to be a normal, if gory case. Now Rossi's the only member of the BAU's team old enough to drive, and the team races against time to solve the case and restore their old(er) selves.
Author's note: Morning comes, with shopping, teenagers going a little wild, and further cracks in the adult facade. Rossi might just be too old for this...

Chapter 3 on FF.net

The Oath, Part One

Title: The Oath
Rating: PG-13
Criminal Minds
Emily Prentiss, Aaron Hotchner, others – gen/canon pairings (Garcia/Kevin, Prentiss/Doyle)
Genre: Suspense/Angst
Aaron Hotchner made an oath to bring Emily Prentiss home alive. Fulfilling that oath just got a little bit harder.
Warnings: Spoilers to Lauren (6x18).

Part 1A

Part 1B