Kristin (coffeebuddha) wrote in criminalxminds,

Wash the Echoes Out

Title: Wash the Echoes Out
Author: coffeebuddha
Rating: R/FRM
Characters/Pairings: Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid, Diana Reid, Aaron Hotchner, Penelope Garcia, Ashley Seaver, Fran Morgan, Clooney
Word Count: 6620
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.
Contains: Mental illness, implied character death, AUishness, mentions of drug use.
Summary: Spencer's life is about as perfect as anything he could have asked for, so why does he feel like it's about to crack apart around the edges?

( The room doesn't smell right. Before Spencer notices anything else, he notices that. )
Tags: character: aaron hotchner, character: ashley seaver, character: david rossi, character: derek morgan, character: misc, character: penelope garcia, character: recurring, character: spencer reid, fanfic

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