Chiara (just_chiara) wrote in criminalxminds,

Picspams & macros

Pimping out a few macros and picspams I made for crimeland's challenges. (And by the way, you should totally join crimeland if you want to have some fun!)

· Spencer Reid: One cap per episode
· 2.15 "Revelations": Reid
· 3.16 "Elephant's Memory": Morgan/Reid
· 4.06 "The Instincts": Morgan/Reid
· 4.07 "Memoriam": Morgan/Reid
· 4.20 "Conflicted": Morgan/Reid
· 4.24 "Amplification": Morgan/Reid
· 6.12 "Corazon": Reid
· S5: Reid with crutches/cane
· 6.19 "With Friends Like These": Morgan/Reid bathroom scene, 6.16 "Coda": Emily and Doyle; S6: Reid's stupid expressions; 6.18 "Lauren": Final sequence; S6: Garcia; 5.21 "Exit Wounds": Morgan & Garcia final scene; 3 macros
Tags: character: aaron hotchner, character: ashley seaver, character: david rossi, character: derek morgan, character: emily prentiss, character: jennifer 'jj' jareau, character: penelope garcia, character: spencer reid, character: team, character: unsub, fanart: misc, images: picspam, landcomm!pimping, misc: macros, season: 1, season: 2, season: 3, season: 4, season: 5, season: 6

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