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Wicked Games: Chapter 5 Protect Me From What I Want

Title: Protect Me From What I Want
Author: Sugakane_01
Pairing; Reid/Morgan
Genre: Slash
Rating: FRAO
Spoilers: Up to the current season (Season 6, Episode 21)
Warnings: Sex, Language, Violence

Summary: Where Derek sees interference, Spencer sees intervention...with unclear motivations is it possible they're both right? 

Chapter 5: Protect Me From What I Want

Previous Chapters Found Here:
Wicked Games: Prologue
Chapter 1: I'm A Flirt
Chapter 2: Coffee and Starfish
Chapter 3: I Do Not Hook Up
Chapter 4: Love, Sex, Pain
Tags: character: aaron hotchner, character: david rossi, character: derek morgan, character: emily prentiss, character: jennifer 'jj' jareau, character: penelope garcia, character: spencer reid, fanfic

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