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[Fic] Three Implies Chaos, FRC, gen, by Hagar

Title: Three Implies Chaos
Author: Hagar
Rating: FRC-ish (brief and non-graphical mentions of violence and sexual relations involving very-nearly-18yr old, that do not nearly justify FRT)
Relationships: gen
Notes: many thanks to bessemerprocess, who beta'ed; tanyad, for her help with everything Chicago; and tamara_russo, who spent many hours developing this story with me. Story title from the classical Chaos Theory paper. (TY Li & JA Yorke (1975) Period Three Implies Chaos. American Mathematical Monthly 82:985–992.)
Summary: Chicago, December 2010. When Kyle Woods, 17, goes missing in Chicago, the suspects are his girlfriend, Vikki, and a 21-year-old with a record, Jay. With snow piling up in the streets and Jay and Vikki refusing to talk, the BAU are called in to find Kyle before it is too late.

AO3 | DW | LJ
Tags: character: emily prentiss, character: team, fanfic, season: 6

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