Judas Denied (portraitofafool) wrote in criminalxminds,
Judas Denied

Fic: The Deep Indigo Night || Supernatural/Criminal Minds X-Over || R

Title: The Deep Indigo Night
Author: portraitofafool
Rating: R
Fandom: Supernatural/Criminal Minds cross-over
Characters: Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Dean Winchester (Supernatural) The BAU team (Criminal Minds)
Spoilers: General S5 and S6 for SPN, none for CM
Warnings: Dark themes, gore, graphic violence, language
Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Supernatural or Criminal Minds, they are the sole property of their respective networks and creators. I am making no money from this and no infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: Written for dark_fest. The prompt I claimed was: Criminal Minds/Supernatural, Sam Winchester, the BAU team, in the year that Sam hunted on his own or with the Campbells, he was willing to make several necessary sacrifices just to get his targets. The BAU follows his trail. How does the BAU profile a soulless man?

Summary/Link: There are strange cases and then there are the flat-out weird cases. Over the years, starting around the mid-1980s at least, these cases began to appear more frequently. Then again in the 2000s they start to crop up with alarming regularity. They're no longer suggestive of somewhat frequent attacks by a strange collective working in conjunction through some mode of communication that's never been figured out. No, this time the evidence points to just one man, a man named Sam...
Tags: character: team, fanfic

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