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27th-Mar-2014 06:06 pm - icons
16 icons

icons here
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1st-Feb-2014 12:23 pm - icons
30 icons

cm8234_0031 cm8234_1035 cm8234_0095
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good vision, I hope you like the icons
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9th-Jan-2014 11:10 pm - fan video
While I was okay with the Reid/Maeve story arc from last year, I thought it still might be an interesting challenge to vid an AU take on the pair.  It's not much and I don't know how long youtube will leave it up but for now...

31st-Jul-2013 05:31 pm - icons
cri.min s
20 icons 8x20
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cm820_0144 cm820_0136

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17th-Jul-2013 09:50 pm - evolutions CM
cri.min s
crimina minds evolution.
02 icons for every season and every character.
We like our heroes have changed

CM-8X01-(40) CM_5X17--(654) CM_4X18-(201) CM_2X09-(103) CM_2X04-(123)
CM_1X22-(83) CM_5x22_0712 CM_2X05-(260) CM_1X02-(27) CM_4X25E26--(244)
ICONS HERE @ credit pilla06
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4th-Jun-2013 11:05 am - new icons
cri.min s
30 icons
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cm818_0622 cm818_0643 CM_8X11--(534)
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21st-May-2013 09:45 pm - EW Spoilers for upcoming eps...
Hotch-serious over his shoulder
Yet another EW "exclusive" video...

Hotch & Beth in the finale...

I think after the fans voted Aaron Hotchner/Thomas Gibson the most under-appreciated actor, they changed their tune about posting things about CM...
17th-May-2013 12:17 pm - icons
21 icons criminal minds
21 icons da vincis' demons
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cm820_0052 cm820_0229 cm820_0406

all here @ credit pilla06
11th-May-2013 08:35 pm - Icons !
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5th-May-2013 04:25 pm - icons
15 new icons

CM_8X17--(93) CM_8X17--(235) CM_8X17--(198)

all here
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4th-May-2013 05:31 pm(no subject)
criminal mind general
Title: Peach Cobbler
Characters/Pairings: Morgan, mentions of Garcia
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: none
Rating: PG
Chapters: 1/1
Status: complete
Disclaimer: I don't own Criminal Minds nor the characters. Just playing with them.
Summary: There are only two women in Derek Morgan’s life that could bring him such a feeling of peace. A missing scene from Restoration (8x18). Implied Morgan/Garcia.

AN It’s my first fanfic for this fandom. Hopefully everything is fine and in character. Feedback is greatly appreciated!
21st-Mar-2013 09:45 am - 26 icons
18th-Mar-2013 12:46 pm - icons
29 icons
credit pilla06

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20th-Feb-2013 10:21 pm - icons
ian r
24 icons 8x01
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CM-8X01-(71) CM-8X01-(408) CM-8X01-(147)
all here /credit @ pilla06
12th-Jan-2013 10:52 pm - icons
30 icons season 8
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7th-Dec-2012 10:03 pm - Screencaps - 8.10
GoT - Sansa - Queen
Criminal Minds 8.10 - "The Lesson"
HD screencaptures
642 caps • sorted • 1280x720px • jpg

Gallery and Download links at grande_caps
4th-Nov-2012 11:09 am - icons
comment & credit pilla06
27th-Oct-2012 01:40 pm - Screencaps - 8.04
GoT - Sansa - Queen
Criminal Minds 8.04 - "God Complex"
HD screencaptures
623 caps • sorted • 1280x720px • jpg

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