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Video and other stuff :D 
15th-Dec-2013 10:27 pm
Cast of CM
Hi everyone! I looovveeee Criminal Minds! What's everyone's favorite character? I can't decide myself. :) Anyway, this is my first post, so I've decided to just put up a video of everyone's favorite show :D

And also, if you're interested in The Princess and the Frog, or if you like selling things, please check out my other communities fresh from the lab:


Thanks for reading everyone!

22nd-Dec-2013 07:57 pm (UTC)
Reid has always been my favourite character. 'A Real Rain' and 'Somebody's Watching' were the first CM episodes I saw and Reid figured largely in both. And, in the beginning, Reid was the only unfinished and awkward character. All the other team members seemed seasoned and confident but Reid was still finding his way and fitting in. I've enjoyed watching him grow from the awkward baby genius to the accomplished and confident brilliant eccentric he is now.

Hotch and Prentiss battle it out for my second favourite. Though, I hated Prentiss at first! JJ and Rossi come third and then Morgan and Garcia. No feelings right now for Blake and the new section chief.
23rd-Dec-2013 07:00 pm (UTC)
I love Reid! He's so smart, but always fun to be around too. He has that nerdiness about him, and I just think it's really sexy. :)

I'm not up to date on the seasons... since I don't have cable and unfortunately Criminal Minds isn't on Netflix :( I don't know how to catch up on the seasons any other way :(
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