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Could it really be... origin stories this season?

‘Criminal Minds’: Early Intel from Kirsten Vangsness.../


Criminal Minds fans should buckle up for the show’s upcoming season 9 premiere. Why? Because it’s going to be a whopper two-part episode about a man who kills girls who look like his ex. “[The storyline] is pretty complicated,” teases Kirsten Vangsness of the episode, in which Camryn Manheim is set to guest. “I was a little confused for a second and then I figured it out and was like, ‘Wow!’”

While last season the show used their opener to establish season-long villain The Replicator, Vangsness says early intel indicates a different direction for this season. “I hear they want to tell a lot of origin stories this season — how we got to where we are. And I really enjoy those, when they go back and get into our personal stuff. And if they do that, it will afford us to go back and bring people back, like Strauss,” she says.

As for her character Garcia, Vangsness, whose Kickstarter campaign recently reached its goal, says she hopes to see more of Nicholas Brendon’s Kevin, but not because she wants Garcia to settle down with him. “I really like the storyline of her having another guy and her ex being upset,” she says. “I like that she gets so much action, so I really hope they continue that. The nerdy girls aren’t typically the ones you see dating. They’re usually holed up in their batcaves.”

Another spoiler has Messner stating Reid stays single and that there's a possibility that another one of Rossi's ex-wives show up. Let's just hope that if she shows up, she survives the episode unscathed...
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